Beale Park – A Haven For the Birds and Bird Lovers

Ideally situated just outside Reading, Beale Park is an exceptional animal Park, a breeding ground for rare birds and an exciting children’s play area.Beale Park attracts many people during March and October each year and is open throughout the week. This popular family friendly tourist attraction was once just a bit more than a pathway with a few ponds.  It was Gilbert Beale who was responsible for setting the foundation of Beale Park in 1956. This brave and generous man gave his charming 350 acre park land located beside Thames to the public as a park.  Thereby, Gilbert Beale converted his private farmland in to charitable trust.

The founder was a great lover of birds and specially peacocks.  In 1967, by the time of his death Gilbert had over 300 peacocks living on his stunning park land. Richard Howard who was the great nephew of Gilbert along with his family and a dedicated staff transformed Beale Park to an intriguing wild life park that can be seen and explored today.Beale Park is currently a place for everyone and is a sanctuary for an enormous range of birds. It is also the breeding ground for many rare birds. At present the bird collection at the park consist of owls, swans, parrots and so much more. Beale Park is also home to animals such as Raccoons, Yellow Mongoose, Alpaca, Black Tailed Prairie, Red necked Wallaby and British Giant Rabbit.The park has grown to offer its visitors more than just a chance to catch a glimpse of wildlife.  It offers many attractions and activities such as an education room, play areas for children, deer park, fishing, Thames river cruise and pet’s area.

Funding for most innovative projects at Beale Park comes in the form of ticket receipts at the entrance. Therefore, the park relies heavily on its guests. With every purchase of ticket, visitors will help conserve endangered birds at this unique wildlife park.Visitors can make the most out of the visit to Beale Park by conveniently staying at any of the nearby Reading hotels which are renowned for offering gracious hospitality and impeccable service.